To celebrate the anime series Tales of Zestiria the X (TOZX) reaching over a hundred million views worldwide as well as the American and European release of Tales of Berseria (TOB), we’re holding an international image contest! Please send in the best TOZX- or TOB-related picture you’ve got!
Anything related to TOXZ or TOB is fine. Illustrations, cosplays, game screenshots, handmade cakes, handwritten messages—anything goes! We’ll gather up all of the entries and make a big photomosaic.
Furthermore, winning entries of each section will be awarded a luxurious prize as well as being featured on the internet and in product bonuses! Send in your pictures and let’s finish the TOZX and TOB photomosaic together!

Please check and agree to the terms and conditions below before making any entries.

Contest Period
January 27th, 2017 – March 31st, 2017 15 o’clock (Japan time)

How to Enter
Please make entries by submitting your email address using the entry form below via PC or smartphone. Postcards, letters, and non-smartphones may not be used to enter this contest.

Prizes for Tales of Zestiria the X
1) Tales of Zestiria the X Special Premiere Art Sheet with Serial Number
(10 contestants; special item for attendees of the premiere on July 25, 2016 – distribution of wallpaper via QR code ended on July 31, 2016)
2) Tales of Zestiria the X Blu-ray Box I Pre-Order Bonus
Three Plastic Folders with Tales Designs (10 contestants)
3) Tales of Zestiria the X Official Site Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Sets I & II (1 contestant; awarded at the end of July)

Tales of Berseria Prize
1) Tales of Berseria Replica Cel
2) Tales of Berseria Special Edition PS4 Game (North American version)
3) Tales of Berseria Special Edition PS4 Game (Europe version)

About Entries
Entries are to be original, unreleased creations made by applicants based on Tales of Zestiria the X or Tales of Berseria. They can take a variety of forms: digital illustrations, drawings, cosplay photos (with the consent of the photo subject or, in the event of the subject being a minor, the consent of their legal guardian), a screenshot of a key scene in game taken by the applicant, a photograph of a handmade cake, ASCII art, etc. Art supplies, software, and image orientation used are up to the applicant.
Please send a JPEG 2 MB or under as your entry.
Entries containing inappropriate content are not allowed.
Winners of the contest may be requested to send in a higher resolution picture of their entry after being selected as a winner.
You may send in as many entries as you’d like, but please send them all separately.
We cannot provide answers to queries about the selection process.
Costs relating to internet or mobile data used in applications are to be covered by the applicant.

Terms and Conditions
Applicants are to apply after agreeing to the following conditions.

(Entry Purposes)
All Entries:
Inclusion in photomosaic
(The photomosaic may be published on related websites, displayed during the “Tales Of Festival” event, and included as a bonus in the Blu-ray BOX.)

Prize Winning Entry:
To be published on related website, displayed during the “Tales Of Festival” event, and included as a bonus in the Blu-ray BOX.

*Related Websites:
Tales of Zestiria the X Anime, Tales of Berseria Game, Tales Channel+ , Official Website of the Tales Series for Europe, and DAISUKI’s websites, as well as social networking services.

To be put on the prize entry on the website and exhibition, and to confirm the applicant.

Email Address:
To confirm and contact the applicant.

In accordance with the above terms, the applicant consents to parts of the entry or comment being adapted or changed. Furthermore, the applicant agrees that the above entry purposes do not guarantee that entries will be featured on the website, displayed, or distributed, that their entry may not be used, and that their nickname or comment may not be displayed on the entry.

Rights Violations
In the event that an applicant makes an entry that violates the rights of a third party (a copy of another work, a photograph without consent, a photograph of a minor without guardian’s consent), the applicant bears full responsibility and the organizer will not be involved in any resulting disputes.

Minors may only apply after gaining their legal guardian’s permission.

Please understand that the information and conditions on this page may change without announcement. This campaign and entry contract are based in Japanese law, and all disputes relevant to it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court as court of first instance.

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