• スレイ
  • ミクリオ
  • アリーシャ
  • ロゼ
  • ライラ
  • エドナ
  • デゼル
  • ザビーダ
  • ベルベット・クラウ


CV : Ryouhei Kimura


A human youth raised by the seraphim who dwell in Elysia, a village isolated from the outside world. He possesses very high resonance and is able to perceive seraphim. When he was a child, he came upon the Celestial Record which chronicles tales of the Shepherd and the ancient ruins. Since then, he has been fascinated by antiquity. He is well-versed in the stories and history of the continent and is able to read the ancient language. Pure and gentle-hearted, he cannot bear to ignore someone in need.


CV : Ryota Osaka


A young seraph who was raised with Sorey since infancy. They are like brothers, and are best friends. But he also thinks of Sorey as a rival, so they get into arguments every so often. He believes his role is to calmly assess Sorey’s behavior and offers frank advice. Due to Sorey’s influence, he is also interested in the ancient ruins. He utilizes water-based seraphic artes.


CV : Ai Kayano


A princess of the Kingdom of Hyland whose domain spans across the northeast region of the Glenwood continent. She ranks very low in the line of succession. Despite her low status in the monarchy due to her mother’s low birth, she speaks out against the corruption of power, and so, is out of favor with the ministers. She is a person of faith who believes that her duty in this age of unrest is to give hope, and show leadership and strength. She regards herself not as a princess, but as a knight who serves the country. She speaks very formally, but her true character seems to be quite cheerful and feminine.


CV : Mikako Komatsu


A leading member of the trade guild “Sparrowfeathers” that travels around the continent. Having traveled far and wide doing trade, she is a dual wielder and is perfectly capable of protecting herself with her daggers. She is carefree and optimistic, and goes at her own pace. She is very sociable, but has strong convictions and stands by them.


CV : Noriko Shitaya


A female seraph who dwells in the Sacred Blade of which legend says “”the one who extracts it will become a Shepherd.”” She has been waiting a long time for one who possesses the qualities of a Shepherd. Although she is a calm and mature woman, she can be a bit of an airhead. She possesses great knowledge about hellions, humans and creatures spawned by malevolence. She utilizes fire-based seraphic artes.


CV : Misato Fukuen


A young seraph who utilizes earth-based seraphic artes. Distrustful of others, she often displays a cold, grown-up attitude, and it is hard to read her true feelings. She is sharp-tongued and likes to confuse people and put them at her mercy. She is extremely calm, and becomes emotional only about her older brother who is her only family. Her mascot, a mysterious “”Normin,”” hangs from her favorite umbrella.


CV : Daisuke Ono


With a persona like an outlaw, he utilizes seraphic artes of the wind. He gained experience in battle from spending time with a mercenary group, and toys with his foes, using two pendulums like whips. He rarely shows emotion and prefers to be a loner who avoids communicating with others.


CV : Kenjiro Tsuda


A seraph who utilizes wind-based seraphic artes and hunts hellions all alone. He tends to be frivolous and loose-lipped, but when the time comes, he displays unyielding skill and deportment. His true identity and purpose are not known, but he has an uncanny sense for battle and seems to relish a good fight with a formidable foe.


Velvet Crowe

Velvet Crowe

Voice Actor: Rina Satoh

Velvet Crowe

A woman who once had a friendly, no-frills personality. But that changed three years ago when she became embroiled in a certain incident. Since then, she rarely smiles, and always seems filled with rage and hatred. A mysterious power consumed her on that day that transfigured her left hand into something that was non-human. She usually has her hand bandaged to hide it.